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Angioplasty Surgery

Looking for the best heart hospital with the most experienced heart doctors to treat your heart problems? Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Heart and Vascular Care is the most advanced heart care centre in Kerala that assures appropriate treatment for all types of heart ailments and conducts invasive, and minimally invasive procedures.

Angioplasty, one of the most commonly heard minimally invasive treatment procedures for heart, is performed on patients with complaints of clogged arteries due to deposits of fatty plaques in their blood vessels in the hearts. The procedure involves inserting a small balloon catheter into the blocked artery to widen it and help in uninterrupted blood flow to the heart. This procedure is also performed to place a stent (a small, wired mesh tube) to keep the artery open and reduce the chances of the arteries narrowing again.

Angioplasty is considered suitable only after medications and lifestyle modifications have not helped in improving the heart’s condition, symptoms like chest pain continue to worsen and the patient has suffered a heart attack. With Angioplasty, the blocked arteries, shortness of breath and chest pain or angina can be improved instantly while decreasing the chances of damaging the heart.

Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Heart and Vascular Care offers Kerala’s best heart treatment by the best heart doctors in the state and country. Call or contact us today for more details.

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