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Blood Bank

Our Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine department operates 24×7 service and supports every other medical and surgical specialties. We offer services to all patients both in-house and external, in urgent need of blood and its components. We are equipped with highly advanced technology for blood collection, component preparation and storage. With a highly experienced team, we are committed to providing a safe and reliable experience.
We are always keen on practicing best industry standards for managing blood and blood products. With the best-in class equipment like deep freezers and platelet agitators , we ensure storage of blood components at optimal conditions

In urgent need of blood

call +91 495 7123456

If you or your close one needs blood urgently, we are here to help. 

We provide blood to everyone belonging to all blood groups. At Meitra, we do not discriminate and follow social stigma. We aim to save lives as efficiently as we can.

For inquiring the availability of blood

Call +91 495 7123456 

Blood carries the vital nutrients and oxygen to all parts of our body and there is no substitute for the blood. The demand for blood is quite higher than the availability of it. Meitra’s Blood Bank and Transfusion facility is aiming to solve the crisis in a socially responsible modus operandi. We offer our blood bank services to all patients both in-house and out of the hospital who are in urgent need of blood and its components. Along with using advanced methods and technologies to collect and store blood and other components, we run programs to bring awareness to people about the noble act of donating blood.

Donate Your Blood

Statistics suggest that in India, someone around us need blood every 2 seconds. The availability of blood against requirement exacerbates the crisis despite having more eligible donors than the country needs. It is an honour and privilege to donate blood since it can save a life and a family. Unlike popular myths about blood donation, a donor has nothing to lose but gain remarkable health benefits. We, at Meitra Hospital, can help you donate blood confidently. Our pre-donation counselling can help eliminate all your fears and hesitations regarding donating blood. We also have a post-donation counselling to inspire to donate blood in future too.

Be a blood donor to save others and your life. Register now.

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