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The Center of Excellence Bone ,Joint  and Spine provides comprehensive treatment for all Orthopaedic problems. Specially trained doctors in all subspecialities of Orthopaedics work as a team so that best possible quality care is provided . The operating theatres are equipped with all modern facilities so that safety and quality are maintained. Advanced Physiotherpy department is available and   this helps in  smooth and  fast rehabilitation  of the patients.
The Center is comprising of three verticals:
1. Division of Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy
2. Division of Spine surgery
3. Division of Hand Trauma and Reconstructive surgery.
The center has been recognised by National Medical Board for post graduate super speciality training programs in Arthroplasty and Spine surgery. ( FNB  program).

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Department of Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy provides dedicated and specialized medical care and rehabilitation treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions related to sports and intense physical activities. Whether you are a professional athlete or recreational athlete, an injury is frustrating, painful and debilitating.

Our team of doctors provide rapid assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for patients experiencing sports injuries or other musculoskeletal problems affecting their physical activity. We focus on giving the most effective treatment available so you can get back to your active life, feeling strong and performing at your peak.

We work as a team including Sports medicine specialist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Physiotherapists, athletic trainers to promote preventive care through wellness, fitness and performance enhancement .

Our doctors are specialized in minimally invasive surgery, key hole surgery of knee ,shoulder, wrist, hip, ankle for various conditions using state of art facilities. We strongly believe in harnessing advanced techniques and technology to improve patient care and Our specialists have been quick to introduce and adopt new technologies in orthopaedics.

Our Facilities

Meitra Hospital is India’s first Smith & Nephew certified Arthroscopic Centre for excellence.

Arthroscopy theatre with state-of-the-art instrumentations

Smith and Nephew LENS Surgical imaging system

State of art Physiotherapy and Sports rehabilitation with Computer Guided Virtual reality assessment unit.

Our Services

Knee Ligament injuries – Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction Multi ligament injuries

Shoulder – Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff repair, Bankarts repair, Surgery for shoulder dislocation, SLAP repair

Wrist arthroscopy, TFCC repair

Ankle ligament injuries and treatment

Hip Arthroscopy

Autologous chondrocyte implantation of individual’s own cultured cells (mainly for damaged cartilage)

Revision surgery (for failed ligament surgeries)

The latest nonsurgical treatments including platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and stem cell therapy

Head & Senior Consultant -Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty – Bone , Joint & Spine
Senior Consultant – Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty –Bone , Joint & Spine
Orthopedic Surgeon- Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty – Bone , Joint & Spine
Senior Registrar- Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty -Bone, Joint & Spine

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