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Bone marrow transplant

Patients suffering from blood cancers, blood disorders and diseased bone marrow have, now, no reason to lose hope. At Meitra Hospital’s exclusive Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a part of its Centre for Excellence of Bone Marrow and Cancer Immunotherapy, we have the best blood cancer doctors who are experts in providing the best blood cancer treatment in Kerala using advanced medical therapy and cutting-edge technology considering factors such as stem cell donation, blood-type matching, etc.    

Blood disorders and cancers can be fatal, in both adults and children. Different types of blood disorders such as anaemia, thalassemia, childhood leukemia, sickle cell diseases are commonly diagnosed wherein the diseased blood cells travel through the blood stream, leading to infections and other health problems. They also affect the immune system and are known to originate in the bone marrow or the blood forming tissues or the immune system cells. One of the most sought-after treatment methods of such blood disorders is Bone Marrow Transplant. Not a typical surgical procedure, Bone Marrow Transplant helps the healthy stem cells or blood-forming cells to flow through the blood stream using an intravenous catheter to kill the blood cells directly. These healthy blood cells are either collected from the donor’s bone marrow, blood collected from placenta and umbilical cord.

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