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Brain tumor

Do you suffer from unexplained headaches or any other disorders which causes headaches? Headaches are not only caused due to tension, migraines, dehydration, head injuries or because of lifestyle disorders but can be caused due to brain tumors too. At Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Neuroscience, Kerala’s best neurosurgeons are available who are experts in diagnosing disorders of the brain and spine and nervous system and are highly skilled to perform complex and critical surgeries in the brain, especially treatment and removal of brain tumors.

Ranked to be the best brain tumor treatment hospital in Kerala, Meitra Hospital has a scientifically augmented infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced technologies and surgical tools and equipment supported by highly qualified and experienced clinical, nursing and paramedical staff. Brain tumors, commonly referred to as abnormal growth in the brain cells, can be non-cancerous or benign or malignant or cancerous in nature. The process of treatment of brain tumors depends largely on factors such as the size, nature, location of the tumor, and the rate at which the tumor is growing.

At Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Neurosciences, right from diagnosis through imaging tests, neurological examination and biopsy, to determining the appropriate treatment plan considering options such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, radiosurgery, targeted drug therapy, all are performed using the latest treatment methods. The department also ensures that the patients are provided with right rehabilitation therapies post treatment. Call or contact us today to get more information on our facilities and services available for treatment of brain tumors.

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