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Complete Stroke Management Unit

Out of the leading causes of death in our country, stroke ranks only next to cardiovascular disorders and cancer. Known to be a common problem that may occur due to hypertension, high blood sugar, increased tobacco consumption and heart diseases, stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency that can cause death or disabilities unless acted upon immediately.

A stroke happens when there is an interruption in the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain due to either a blockage or any haemorrhage caused due to rupture of a blood vessel. Due to lack of receiving oxygen, the brain cells start dying almost immediately. Hence, any delay in initiating appropriate stroke treatment can lead to life-long physical disabilities or even death. It is, thus, important to understand the signs and symptoms such as patients may find it difficult to talk or understand actions, lift their arms, have a drooping face, lose consciousness, etc. when a stroke occurs and arrange for medical help immediately.

Management of Stroke

For successful management of stroke, one must rush to the hospital to determine the severity of the stroke through proper diagnosis. At the Complete Stroke Management Unit at Meitra Hospital, we have high-end diagnostic facilities and infrastructure including technologically advanced CT and MRI scans that identify the site of blockage, severity of the condition within minutes. This helps the stroke management expertsplan the treatment process – either through medications (t-pa) or neuro-interventional procedures. These help them dissolve the blood clot easily, and thus prevent any further deterioration of the patient’s health. The expert team of highly skilled and trained Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Neuro-intervention specialists, Neuro Physiatrists and Speech Therapists at the Unit alongside the nursing staff, lab technicians and others only aim to manage stroke successfully to prevent and reverse the effects of stroke.

Complete Stroke Rehabilitation

One of the risk factors of suffering a stroke is the disability caused to a part of the body. Someone might have difficulty in speaking, others might find it difficult to walk or trouble in movement of limbs. To overcome these, undergoing therapies specifically designed for each type of disability helps. Rehabilitation does not only mean physical therapies but counselling as well. With the help of the doctors, nurses, speech therapists, counsellors and physiotherapists, stroke patients are ensured of faster recovery and improved quality of life. 


Chairman & Senior Consultant,Neurology, Neurosciences
Associate Consultant – Neurology – NeuroSciences
Senior Consultant Brain and Spine Surgery
Consultant ,Brain & Spine Surgery
Junior Consultant- Neurology
Consultant ,Brain & Spine Surgery
Associate Consultant ,Brain & Spine Surgery
In Charge & Junior Consultant – Physical medicine & Rehabilitation
Consultant – Interventional Neurology & Stroke Specialist
Consultant – Neurologist and Movement Disorders

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