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Transfusion Medicine & Blood Centre
The Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood Centre at Meitra Hospital, established in 2018, is a multidisciplinary department working with blood and blood components in the field of patient blood management and other therapeutic procedures. We follow all the guidelines according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and strictly adhere to quality control at all phases of donor selection, donor room procedures, screening and processing of blood, and serological procedures for grouping and typing of blood. Use of blood products is optimized by 94% component separation and good inventory management through regular donor motivation and recruitment program.

Facilities and Services: 


Transfusion transmitted infection screening

Provision of safe blood is of utmost priority. Every unit of blood & component is screened for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis, and Malaria.


Advanced gel technology is used for blood grouping and crossmatching. We have the facility to screen auto and alloantibodies   by doing   Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT), Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT) respectively and also monitor the antibody levels by Coombs titration and ABO isoagglutination titration.

Blood Components available

In our department, every unit of blood is separated by using Automated Component extractor facility into various components, such as packed red blood cells (PRBC), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), platelets, cryoprecipitates. We also provide leukocyte reduced packed red blood cells (LR-PRBC’s) for at risk patients.

Specialized services

  • Apheresis

Apheresis is a procedure where blood is drawn into a machine that selectively removes a particular component and reintroduces the remainder of the blood into the body. This procedure is used in our department for the collection of platelets, granulocyte and for the peripheral blood stem cell harvesting.

  • Plateletpheresis/Single donor platelets (SDPs)

Single donor platelet apheresis is collected from healthy donors using the apheresis machines. These platelets can effectively increase the platelet count and maximally utilized by patients with Haemato Oncological disorders. Single donor platelets reduce the number of donor exposures compared to random donor platelets prepared from whole blood donations.

  • Granulocytapheresis

Granulocytapheresis is a collection of concentrated neutrophils collected from the donor by using apheresis technology. Granulocytes are used to treat neutropenic patients with infections that are not responding to antibiotics.

  • Stem cell harvesting and Cryopreservation

Our stem cell harvesting is fully equipped for collection of peripheral blood stem cells from the patient (Autologous) as well as from the donor (Allogenic) and for Cryopreservation of stem cells to support the state-of-the-art bone marrow transplant unit.

Therapeutic procedures

  1. Therapeutic phlebotomy used for polycythaemia vera patients.
Medical officer -Blood Centre, Meitra Hospital

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