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Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common form of skin inflammation that appears as a patchwork of red skin on a baby’s buttocks. Even Though anyone who wears a diaper can get affected by a diaper rash, it is more commonly seen in babies.


Many factors can cause a diaper rash including: 

  • Wet diapers
  • Diapers that are used for a long time
  • Tight fitting diapers that rub against the skin
  • Babies with sensitive skin
  • Bacterial or fungal infections
  • Allergic or irritation to new products such as baby wipes, oils, clothes etc.
  • Use of certain antibiotics.
  • Reddish skin in buttocks, thighs and genital area.
  • Baby shows discomfort, especially while changing diapers or when the affected area is touched or washed.

Diaper rash can be identified by observing the changes in skin and the baby’s discomfort.


Preventive measures for diaper rash include:

  • Keep the diaper area clean and dry
  • Avoid tight-fitting diapers
  • Give 10 to15 minutes break time before putting on the fresh diaper
  • Give more time whenever possible without diapers
  • Clean diaper area with lukewarm water
  • Wash your hands well before and after cleaning the baby
  • Prefer cloth diapers
  • Wash reusable diapers properly with hot water and avoid irritants such as fabric softeners.

The major home remedy for a diaper rash is to keep the baby clean and dry. Other home remedies include:

  • Change diapers immediately when they are wet.
  • Use lukewarm water to bath the baby.
  • Various diaper rash creams are available.
  • Avoid tight fitting diapers.
  • Leave the baby without diapers whenever possible.
  • Antifungal creams or antibiotics may be recommended by your doctor.


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