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Hyperdontia is an oral condition of having supernumerary teeth or excess number of teeth. Supernumerary teeth can occur in any part of the dental arch (curved areas where teeth attach to your jaw). One or more supernumeraries can appear in one or more locations within the mouth. The extra teeth that appear can be either temporary or permanent.


Exact cause of hyperdontia remains unclear. Some genetic and environmental factors are thought to play a role. Hyperdontia is also associated with certain genetic disorders and syndromes such as Gardner’s syndrome and cleft lip and palate.


The extra teeth in hyperdontia can develop in singles or multiples and anywhere in the dental arch. Usually, it does not cause any symptoms. If there are any complications associated with it there might be pain and swelling around the extra teeth.


Diagnosis of hyperdontia involves:

  • Dental exam
  • Dental X-ray
  • CT Scan

There are no known measures to prevent hyperdontia.


Treatment for hyperdontia depends on whether the extra teeth are likely to cause complications:

  • Treatment might not be required if the supernumerary teeth do not cause any other complications. 
  • Removal of the extra teeth might be recommended if there is discomfort, pain, difficulty in chewing or if there is any other damage to the permanent teeth.

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