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Heart & Vascular Care
The Centre for Heart & Vascular Care at Meitra is aiming at caring hearts with a good heart. The centre is facilitated with the latest innovations and technologies in the cardiovascular spectrum along with highly experienced cardiologists and heart and vascular care professionals. With a foundation of well equipped facilities, the centre has won space in people’s hearts with a special focus on compassionate care. We ensure a happy and hopeful life for everyone coming to Meitra for taking care of their heart. The environment we have created at the Centre for Heart & Vascular Care is meant to lead your heart to success and to create a smile in it.

Dr. Ali Faizal

Director and Advisor, Centre of Heart & Vascular care, Senior Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Ali Faizal, an alumnus of Calicut Medical College, after completing his cardiology training from Bangalore, joined as a Consultant at the prestigious Institute of cardiovascular diseases under Madras Medical Mission in Chennai. He had a long stint there as an interventional cardiologist along with the doyens of cardiac care in the country. In 2002 along with his team, he was instrumental in setting up one of Kerala’s most successful and large cardiac care programmes in Calicut. The first successful primary angioplasty programme for treatment of myocardial infarction was established in the private sector during this time. The team

imparted a comprehensive and cardiac care and cardiac surgery services including heart transplant in the region, which proved a model for the others. The centre was also the few to impart super speciality training in cardiology.

Considered as a pioneer in the field, he is one of the most experienced interventional cardiologists in the state and has been in the field for over 30 years. Currently, in addition to the clinical work, he focuses on adult cardiac interventions and structural heart disease work including valve interventions. He is involved in setting clinical processes and training of younger cardiologists. Dr. Ali, along with the other promoters and directors, joined with the leadership to develop the concept and set up Meitra as a centre of excellence in healthcare in the region and was initially responsible for the setting up of the clinical services and team at Meitra.  


  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Valvular heart disease
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Adult congenital heart disease 
  • Coronary interventions


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