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General & Laparoscopic Surgery
The aim of the General Surgery Department is to provide and implement a comprehensive system in treating surgical patients with improved quality of service and minimal medical and surgical errors. The Department is facilitated with some of the advanced equipment to run Laparoscopic surgeries. The laparoscopic surgery, popularly known as “minimally invasive surgery” or “keyhole surgery,” can solve complex issues in a well-sophisticated yet simple way. A leading team of surgeons make the endeavors precise.

Dr. Saji Varghese

Senior Consultant – General Surgery

Dr. Saji Varghese is a renowned consultant, who joined Meitra in Aug 2019. He is a senior consultant in department of general and laparoscopic surgery. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field and has vast experience in dealing with emergency and elective surgical cases. He has underwent basic and advanced laparoscopy training from various institutes in and outside the state. He is currently post graduate examiner to DNB general surgery under National board, New Delhi.


  • MBBS,DNB (General Surgery)


  • Head and neck surgery
  • Surgery on breast
  • Surgical laparoscopy
  • Cancer surgery
  • Vascular surgery


  • Resident Medical Officer in General Surgery – Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut (Feb 1998 – Apr 1999)
  • Provisional Lecturer in Department of Plastic Surgery – Government Medical College, Trichur (July 1999 – July 2000)
  • Provisional Lecturer in Surgery – Government Medical College, Trichur (Jan 2004 – Nov 2004)
  • Deputy Chief and Senior Consultant in Dept of General & Laparoscopic Surgery – Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut (Nov 2004 – Mar – 2016)
  • Senior Consultant and Chief in Department of General and Laparoscopic surgery – Starcare Hospital (Mar 2016 – July 2019)

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