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Clinical Nutrition & Dietary Services
The Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics department at Meitra Hospital plays a key role in improving the nutritional health and well-being of patients to optimise their clinical management. Application of principles of nutrition for promoting good health forms the core of dietetic practice at our hospital, the service being at par with international standards. A dietitian provides care when special dietary considerations are needed due to illness, injury or surgery. Our Nutritionists work with medical teams from all specialties to provide specialised, optimal nutritional support to critically ill/injured patients.

Mr. Sumesh M Suresh

Senior Interventional Podiatrist

Mr Sumesh M Suresh is specialized in avoiding Foot Amputations among Diabetic patients using modern and advanced technology & practical skills. A good team player who trained under renowned Podiatric Surgeons like Dr Arun Bal (Father of Indian Podiatry), Dr Ajith Varma, Dr Narendra Varma (AIMS, Kochi), Dr K R Suresh, and Dr A S Vinaya (JIVAS, Bangalore)


Diabetic Foot and wound care


  • Practiced in “Diacare Diabetics Centre, Kannur with Dr Sabeer and Dr Prasanth M ( Endocrinologist )
  • Worked with project “ The Heal – Net worked podiatry clinics “ by Bridge way International Medical Systems , Dubai
  • Practiced in “Tely Medical Centre, Thalassery with Dr Harikumar ( Orthopaedician )
  • Practiced in “ Koyili Hospital , Kannur” with Dr Suresh V ( General Surgeon ) & Dr Haneef ( Diabetoogist)
  • Practiced in “ Dhanalakshmi Hospital “, Kannur ( NABH Accredited Hospital ) with Dr Moidhu M ( Diabetologist )



  • Presented the scientific paper in 2019 DFSI con ‘MS shoelace suturing technique.’
  • Presented the scientific paper in 2011 DFSI con ‘The impact of Honey dressing in diabetic wounds.’
  • Published a lot of articles in the local language.

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