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Epilepsy is defined as a tendency to have recurrent and unprovoked seizures, the underlying cause of which is sudden, excessive abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Seizures may externally manifest in many forms like confusion, strange feelings, repetitive movements, ‘blank’ stares, muscle jerks, sudden falls, or loss of consciousness with jerking movements involving part of or the entire body. These clinical symptoms and EEG (electroencephalography) aid in identifying the type of epilepsy or ‘epilepsy syndrome’. Once the type determined, the cause of epilepsy needs to be found out. Blood investigations, genetic tests and brain imaging studies aid in identifying the potential cause.


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With systematic evaluation and the right treatment, a majority of persons with epilepsy can lead near normal lives. Once the type of seizure and the cause is known, appropriate treatment with antiepileptic medication can be started. Approximately 70% of all epileptic patients will have a good response to antiepileptic medications and will be able to lead a reasonably good quality of life with the same. With the discovery of newer types of medications, the chances of treatment related side effects are also less. The remaining 30% of patients may be resistant to medications and those who have persistence of seizures even on appropriately chosen and correctly dosed antiepileptic drugs may be considered for evaluation for surgery. Not all refractory patients are ideal candidates for surgical intervention, however, when a clear focus of epilepsy in the brain is established clinically, by EEG and by imaging, a good proportion of properly selected patients can have good outcomes with surgical management as well. In cases of refractory epilepsy where surgery isn’t an option, dietary therapies like ketogenic diet or treatment using devices like vagal nerve stimulation are other interventions that can be tried to reduce the frequency of disabling seizures. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to individualise the best treatment strategy for each patient


Epilepsy Clinic is a specialized unit under the department of Neurology in collaboration with the department of Neurosurgery under the Centre of Excellence for Neurosciences. The services we offer are:

  • Consultation and follow up of both adult and paediatric epilepsy patients by a dedicated Neurologist
  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Scalp EEG
  • Short term, 24 hour, and prolonged Video EEG monitoring as per patient requirement
  • Imaging services- 3 Tesla MRI Epilepsy protocol, interpreted by experienced radiologists
  • Presurgical evaluation in selected patients

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