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Knee Replacement

Injuries in the knee or spine from sports, arthritis or other orthopaedic surgeries can be traumatizing. They not only disrupt our daily lives but cause inexplicable pain accompanied by swelling and stiffness. Arthritis in the knee is one of the most painful and serious disorders that tends to worsen as we age. Such pain, especially in the knees, can be controlled and managed by expert intervention and appropriate treatments. At Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Bone, Joint and Spine Care, the country’s most experienced Bone, Joint & Spine doctors are available to take care of your bone and joint disorders, especially in the knees.

Touted to be the best knee replacement hospital with the best Total Knee Replacement Surgery experts, at Meitra Hospital, we perform Total Knee Replacement surgeries – both traditional and robotic – that help in providing relief to the patients from the pain and restore the functioning of the damaged knees. The Total Knee Replacement Surgical procedure involves removing the diseased bone from the knee, cartilage from the thighbone, shin bone and kneecap and replace with a prosthetic or artificial bone joint after assessing the patient’s condition, stability, the range of motion of the knee and the strength. Like the traditional method, a robotic knee replacement is performed to remove and replace the damaged tissue from the knee with an artificial joint using a robotic arm or device. With robot-assisted surgery, the procedure is performed with greater precision, ensures shorter hospital stay and faster recovery. In fact, during complicated cases, a robotic knee replacement surgery is considered a better option as it helps in better alignment of the joint as well as better balance around the knee tissues. Few other factors like age, daily activity routine, weight, overall health and the size and shape of the damaged knee are also taken into consideration.

Total Knee Replacement surgery is performed to relieve patients from the excruciating pain caused due to disorders such as osteoarthritis. Post-surgery, patients can successfully resume their daily activities, walk, or climb stairs with ease, thus live with an improved quality of life. Call or contact us today to learn about the therapies and treatments and the facilities available at our Centre of Excellence for Bone, Joint and Spine Care at Meitra Hospital.

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