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Meitra Care Clinic is is an integral part of the Meitra Care Network – a self evolving healthcare ecosystem with technology at its heart, to bridge gaps in the delivery of modern healthcare with an network of hospitals, healthcare providers, HealthTech, Flagship clinics, TeleMedicine & Tele-ICU.

Meitra Care Clinic Kasaragod

The first ever Meitra Clinic is all set to open in Kasargod, the northernmost district in Kerala. The lack of well-facilitated healthcare in the region made people travel to other districts for better treatment. Meitra is aiming to change this condition and improve the healthcare in north Malabar, especially in Kasaragod by the inception of Meitra Care Clinic.

The clinic gives access to medical services at par with global standards across health & wellness; with key focus on areas that are needed the most in that particular region. The clinic will be home to a host of technology & process innovations to not just provide treatment, but healthy living. It’s a one-stop-destination for services like TeleConsultations, diagnostics, a modern physiotherapy & fitness studio, psychological counselling, nutrition experts and a well-equipped pharmacy.

Meitra Care Clinic emphasizes on all three levels of healthcare. At the primary level, the clinic will work together with a group primary healthcare providers in the district. At the secondary level, our local hospital alliances will make use of Meitra’s Tele-ICU system with global care standards across the region. The efficient use of technology & medical expertise handle even the most urgent cases within the district. For tertiary-level surgeries, the patient will have the freedom to choose not just Meitra, but any hospital.

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