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Multi Organ transplant

Meitra Hospital, one of South India’s leading and most advanced quaternary care hospitals, has always been a pioneer in introducing comprehensive patient care services through its dedicated and niche clinical service areas. Organ transplantation, one of India’s unresolved problems, is now available at Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Organ Transplantation. The Centre boasts of the best organ transplantation surgeons and doctors, with the biggest multi-faceted scientifically augmented infrastructure, equipped with the latest and advanced technologies for live and cadaver organ transplantation of heart, lungs, kidney, liver, bone marrow.

India, estimated to have almost millions suffering from different types of end-stage organ failure diseases, need transplants to save themselves. However, the struggle continues to persist in the form of serious shortage of harvested organs donated by deceased. To address this, Meitra Hospital is now registered with Kerala Network of Organ Sharing (KNOS), a Government of Kerala initiative, as part of its Multi-Organ Transplantation Programme initiative to benefit patients suffering from end-stage organ failure diseases and waiting for an organ transplant to extend their lifecycle. We perform 100% legal surgeries duly abiding by the governmental guidelines.  

Till date, at Meitra Hospital, we have performed highly critical liver transplant cases alongside kidney and bone marrow transplant cases successfully.

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