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Advanced Anaesthesia Training in Ortho and Neuro Anaesthesia

Meitra Hospital has started a one year program for Junior Anesthesiologists. It is an excellent opportunity to get trained in:

1. USG guided vascular access.
2. USG guided nerve blocks and placement of catheters
4. Anaesthesia for awake craniotomy and skull base surgery
5. Anaesthesia for scoliosis correction and joint replacements
6. Difficult airway management
7. Anaesthetic management of polytrauma
8. Aggressive post op pain management
9. Periop and Intraop management of very high risk patients for major surgeries.
10. Hands on experience in EMR and Electronic Anaesthesia Record.

For registration and further queries , call 0495 2 712345 or mail to hr@meitra.com ; info@meitra.com



Centre for Bone and Joint Care at Meitra Hospital offers comprehensive management for all complex orthopaedic problems. The team comprises of well trained and experienced surgeons to handle different sub-specialties in the field of Orthopaedics. A full-fledged physiotherapy department is available for various modalities of treatment and rehabilitation. Facilities and services offered include Arthroscopy Clinic (Centre of Excellence certified by Smith and Nephew UK), Joint Replacement Clinic, Ortho – Neuro Integrated Spine Unit, 24 x 7 Trauma Centre, Hand Surgery Unit, Deformity correction and reconstructive surgeries. The centre is equipped with most-modern technologies to provide high quality services to the patients.


MEITRA’s Centre for Neurosurgery has a top-of-the-line medical team comprising Neurosurgeons and Interventionists who have an extensive exposure and experience in dealing with all types of neurosurgical problems. Consistently keeping abreast of the latest global developments in the realm, the team offers collaborative and comprehensive care solutions with a view to keep the benchmarks of outcomes at par with the standards set by reputed institutions across the world.

The Centre has exceptional competencies in dealing with conditions like brain and spine tumors, aneurysms, vascular neurosurgery, pituitary tumors, skull-base and endoscopic procedures, functional and epilepsy surgeries, head and spine trauma. The department’s Neurosurgeons, trained in India and abroad, have the calibre and experience to perform challenging and highly technical surgeries, supported by sophisticated equipment and the most advanced surgical techniques. The surgeons collaborate with the specialists to ensure that patients get the personalized care they need, right from evaluation and diagnosis through follow-up.

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