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Meitra Hospital launches Centre for Bone and Joint Care and Sports Injury Clinic

Kozhikode: Meitra Hospital, a leading advanced tertiary care hospital launched the Centre for Bone and Joint Care and Sports Injury Clinic. Both were inaugurated by Brett Lee, Renowned Former Legendary Fast Bowler & International Cricketer.

The multi-disciplinary Centre for Bone and Joint Care has sub-divisions such as the Centre for Joint Replacement, Centre for Sports Injuries, Ortho-Neuro Integrated Spine Centre and Centre for Hand and Micro-vascular Surgery under it. The Centre for Joint Replacement is equipped with the most advanced Brainlab Computer Navigated Hip and Knee Replacement technology. The Centre for Sports Injuries, which offers comprehensive sports injury treatment, arthroscopy and cartilage preservation surgeries, is the country’s first certified Arthroscopic Centre for Excellence. The Centre for Bone and Joint Care also has the most advanced and innovative physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit with latest technology like Virtual Reality.

“Meitra has the best medical team in the realm of bone and joint care, who have an exceptional track-record in successfully treating many complicated bone and spine disorders. The medical team comprises of renowned and high-calibre orthopedic surgeons and well-experienced support staff. Relying on their superior expertise and ability to come up with innovative solutions, our team is capable of delivering successful outcomes” said Dr. Ali Faizal, Director and Chief of Clinical Services, Meitra Hospital. He added “Meitra is committed to provide world-class patient care by blending the concepts of a care path model based on ‘evidence-based guidelines’ along with the benefits of modern technology”.

“The best outcome of treatment is ensured by skilled professionals, advanced technology and team work. Meitra has a team of highly-skilled medical team and advanced technologies to provide best treatment to patients,” Dr. George Abraham, Chairman, Centre for Bone and Joint Care.

Mr. Keshavdas, CEO, Meitra Hospital said that the capability to provide cutting-edge medical care at par with global standards sets Meitra in the vanguard position. “Our team of top-notch surgeons and physicians are highly regarded for their exceptional track record of consistently achieving successful outcomes. Lead by internationally trained experts, well known for their competence and innovative approach, our clinical team offers collaborative and comprehensive care to ensure accurate diagnosis, measured treatment and the best possible outcome,” he said.

Meitra Hospital, which had its soft-launch in September 2017, has seen a steady growth over the period. With the launch of its Centre for Bone and Joint Care, the healthcare facility will continue to build on its strength and its core focus on becoming India’s leading tertiary care hospital in the years to come.

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