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Open Heart surgery

Shortness of breath, frequent chest pain and uneasiness, pain and numbness in the arms and legs, back, jaws, neck or upper abdomen are all symptoms that indicate a heart disease. A visit to the doctor with such complaints or regular screenings and physical examinations can determine if your heart needs additional care or if you are at a potential high-risk of suffering a heart attack. No matter what the heart problems are, the best heart surgery centre is now here at Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Heart and Vascular Care.

Equipped with the latest and advanced medical technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure, at Meitra Hospital, the best open-heart or bypass surgery experts are available to treat patients with coronary heart disease (narrow and hard blood vessels disrupting the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscles). With an open-heart surgery, the surgeons also repair the damaged areas of the heart, replace the heart valves, implant artificial devices to help the heart beat properly or to replace a diseased heart with a donor heart. This is an invasive procedure where the chest is cut open to perform the high risk and critical surgeries of the heart.

Call or contact us to learn more about the different invasive and minimally invasive cardiac procedures performed at Meitra Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Heart and Vascular Care and to consult Kerala’s most experienced team of heat surgeons and doctors for the best treatment for your heart.

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