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Meitra’s diagnostic service is a one-stop destination for all levels of medical diagnostics. Our Radiology department is fully equipped with world-class facility, technology, and state-of-the-art imaging modalities. Our highly qualified technicians and support staff enables us to provide the best diagnostic services for patients. With our wide spectrum of diagnostic services, we at Meitra, have already impacted the lives of many people by detecting the health issues with accurate diagnosis and treating the same with utmost care. The Department has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies to deliver unparalleled results and this has helped us build reliability and enhanced patient experience.

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Starting from the standard level equipment, Meitra’s diagnosis lab has facilitated top-class premium radiology technologies. We also have some of the finest physicians and technicians to make the results accurate and treat the issues efficiently. Our proficient laboratory staff and optimal equipment allow us to provide the best diagnosis of a disease. At Meitra, we have been adapting novel innovations to provide high-end results.

Blood carries the vital nutrients and oxygen to all parts of our body and there is no substitute for the blood. The demand for blood is quite higher than the availability of it. Meitra’s Blood Bank and Transfusion facility is aiming to solve the crisis in a socially responsible modus operandi. We offer our blood bank services to all patients both in-house and out of the hospital who are in urgent need of blood and its components. Along with using advanced methods and technologies to collect and store blood and other components, we run programs to bring awareness to people about the noble act of donating blood.

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