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The Dermatology and Cosmetology Department at Meitra Hospital provides specialized treatment for a wide range of skin, hair and nail disorders. We deal with cosmetic problems scientifically and through appropriate treatment. We handle treatment for basic and complicated cases, thanks to our premium technology and dedicated specialists. We aspire to be a Centre of Excellence in Dermatology by facilitating more advanced and unparalleled technology.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a procedure done to improve skin’s appearance, using a laser. It is a method used for facial rejuvenation. Laser resurfacing improves skin tone and complexion and also deals with any scars or skin damage. There are two methods in laser resurfacing:

  • Ablative laser resurfacing: 

This is a wounding laser that removes the epidermis of skin and heats the dermis. You may be given a sedative before the procedure. Your face will be cleansed and the area to be treated will be numbed. Your doctor will hold your skin taut and the laser will be fired. This is mostly used for aged skin and also for sun-damaged skin. It takes about 30 minutes to almost 2 hours, depending on the condition and area to be treated.

  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing:

This is a non wounding laser that helps to improve skin tone and texture over time. Even though it is less effective, it is less invasive and requires less recovery time.


  • Improved and long-lasting skin quality and appearance


  • Infection
  • Changes in skin color
  • Mild swelling and redness

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